Assetto Corsa Competizione

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      v0.5.0 Changelog
      - New Emil Frey Jaguar G3 car.
      - New laserscanned Circuit Zolder racetrack.
      - New special events with online leaderboards.
      - Fixed disappearing main menu UI in VR.
      - Texture memory optimizations.
      - Fixed a chase cam rotation bug.
      - Fixed a TV camera bug.
      - Car light improvements in TV camera views.
      - New inertia calculation method and new more accurate inertia value (advice for setups, use softer fast damper to let the body move and settle, instead of having the car and wheels jumping)
      - New motion ratio calculation for dampers resulting in more accurate values dedicated for each car.
      - New ABS feature. ABS now never lets higher than 70% difference between left and right brake pressure. Improves behaviour on extreme torque vectoring, like braking and going through a water puddle with one side of the car, but can result in inner wheel locking if driver insists braking hard while turning into a turn. Might need more rear brake bias on certain cars.
      - Improved ABS logic, resulting in better turn-in under braking, on certain cars (most notably modern cars such as the Huracán, F488, BMW M6).
      - Improved TC off on gear-change functionality. TC is instantly switched off and on again when a gearchange occurs, in order to protect the engine and drivetrain from heavy vibrations, especially on situations where kerbs and the engine limiter are involved (part of real cars' TC logic too, occasionally they will even not allow the gearchange). Now the TC off timing is car-dedicated and optimised. Some cars might handle a gear change better than others.
      - Improved tyre thermal model, especially wet tyres.
      - Improved tyre grip when tyres are overheated, such as after a spin.
      - More tyre wear when tyres are overheated, no free meal.
      - Corrected bumpstop position and functionality of the Ferrari 488 GT3.
      - New ECU maps for all cars. ECU maps now influence power, fuel consumption and throttle maps. Usually the lower number is the more powerful and has the most power consumption. After the initial 3-4 values, it switches to wet ECUmaps with similar power and fuel consumption but different throttle maps. Please check the official forum for all the released cars' ECU map characteristics.
      - New launch control for all cars. Now with manual clutch, just engage 1st gear, put the clutch and accelerator to the floor and the engine will stabilize around 5000rpm. Release the clutch gradually while keeping the accelerator fully open to avoid stalling.
      - Audio engine optimizations
      - Fixed potential wrong volumes switching cameras
      - Fixed time multiplier for the end race replay
      - Fixed wrong trackmap cars position during replay
      - Intro sequence updated

      Aus dem Dev-Blog:
      Early Access 0.5 - Great new car and track, and a bit of maintenance
      Having a look at the 0.5 release patch notes, you will find that most changes are either new content or physics related. Regarding gameplay elements – including Multiplayer features – we decided to opt for a different path, which may need some explanation for non-developers.

      While developing software, especially games, you constantly invent patterns and concepts. When we built the ACC gameplay during 2018, we aimed for a certain way to write the game logic, including everything from session handling, race timing, laptimes, penalties and so on. Our solution had some amazing feats and ways of working, but we also had to learn that one of the disadvantages was making the development of Multiplayer features not as efficient as we had wished for. You may have noticed that although we met our roadmap targets on time in terms of content and features, several things involving Multiplayer were late. This is not really unusual or surprising; moving a whole development team to a new engine and framework required us to learn about the new situation as the project evolved (but we didn't know where this would happen, obviously).

      In December we faced the choice to either keep proceeding like that, adding as little changes as necessary to achieve a stable 1.0 Multiplayer, and then never to touch it again.
      The alternative route is a rewrite of (a lot of) the code to switch to concepts that support our current needs and the things we learned. The disadvantage is obvious; we'd have to spend a lot of work to change ACC without – seemingly – adding gamplay related features and fixes for a certain amount of time, however, the gain is a much more stable environment, where we can keep adding features and also speed up future development.

      I can tell it's unusual to go for a rewrite, but it expresses our approach and our plans to go on, even beyond ACC 1.0. Technically speaking, a few developers forked off the codebase and worked day and night to do the re-coding, with the goal of bringing those improvements to the main code as soon as possible. The new features on the list therefore are there, but not in this build, and we most probably will also bring them one after another even looking beyond the 1.0 release, since the development will continue to bring our audience the 2019 Season update, and more.

      Being myself also responsible for ACC Multiplayer development, I needed to slow down the work on the Rating System, but likely this re-work on some of the code that we use as a foundation will help the Rating System, too, to proceed even smoother.

      As a bottom line: enjoy the new content, both the car and track (in my opinion) are fabulous, and see how ACC keeps developing in the future.
      I'm writing this between Multiplayer tests (on the new code), we are on a very good way – but sadly we will not see this outside the test systems for the time being.

      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook
      v0.5.2 Changelog
      - Jaguar collider fixed with soft collisions
      - Minor updates to Zolder
      - Fixed look back input using a controller binding
      - Fixed wrong sound played in UI when Zolder is selected
      - Fixed look left/right with chase camera when Lock to Horizon is enabled
      - Fixed camera pitch change when Lock to Horizon is enabled
      - Enabled look left/right with dash and bonnet cameras,Assett…ss-Release-5-Trailer,3019

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      Hallo zusammen,

      auch bei ACC geht es bald weiter. Update 0.6 soll in den kommenden Tagen kommen, hier noch der letzte Developer Blog Post:

      ​With the 6th update, we will introduce many interesting additions (besides the iconic Monza Circuit and both Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3s), but it will also be the first public version based on the significant changes and refactoring we decided to go for back in December.
      You will for sure notice small enhancements such as improved camera features, up to possible game changers like the radar widget, performance gains and massively improved overall stability. On top of working on several gameplay-related concepts, we also evaluated much of the experience we had already collected during the first 5 releases in the Early Access programme. For instance, in multiplayer we reworked (if not changed completely the concepts of) the netcode, session handling, entry lists, timing, leaderboards and configuration (server admins: massive changes, see here).
      First of all, it means that none of the reports and bugs for earlier versions are valid anymore, and we need to look if we find new things. But this also means that we applied the same changes to the corresponding singleplayer modes, so most of our efforts actually were aimed at the complete gameplay instead of being restricted to multiplayer.

      #1 Multiplayer
      As already noted, the multiplayer changed a lot from a technical point of view, while the end-user experience should be pretty much the same. You will find the same server selection, join a server and go out and drive. Aside from a few menu changes, if we did the job well, you won't find too much of a difference from the 0.5 multiplayer version, except in:

      - improved performance (mostly CPU side)
      - improved stability
      - reduced ping peaks
      - no unexpected situations due to invisible server settings

      The last point is quite important: unlike the previous versions, we sharply restricted what server admins can configure - the goal is to avoid a situation where for example a StabilityControl user could join a server, notice the grip is low (but the admin only disallowed SC use). We will open up options when the time comes, but the interesting ones (and their consequences) will be understandable in the server list, even before you join a server.

      At this point I need to make a note: it is very possible, that some of our official servers will introduce a few different settings, so it's entirely possible that there will be surprises for you - however the servers will be named accordingly.

      Server admins additionally will notice that the bandwidth required to run a server is reduced by ~30-40%, depending on the amount of drivers online. Full servers will be close to those 40%. Will be happy to hear how your benchmarks confirm those estimates.

      The main goal of our past efforts are to build the foundation of a rock solid multiplayer system, and now is the time to identify things we could not see in our internal tests - but I'm highly confident that you will find yourself in exciting racing action with 0.6
      (and I can't wait to join).

      #2 Ratings
      As being said, the focus on 0.6 was clearly put on the gameplay aspects, but we will still see a bit of movement on the side of the ratings:

      - Track Competence (TR) now has a slightly improved feedback UI, where you see the total sections/corners to make for the next progress level
      - Consistency (CN) was sharpened a bit (and is the rating with the biggest impact due to the refactoring)
      - CarControl (CC) took the biggest hit; it is a lot easier and a lot harder at the same time now - depending on your personal level. Inexperienced drivers will have a hard time to reach the 50 CC value to unlock PC, but will receive the feedback they should need to improve their driving
      - Pace (PC) is not changed yet, but will be during the next days: So far we had a linear dependency between leaderboard ranks and PC rating; however this resulted in getting 98 or 99 rating for most experienced drivers. After this change, you will find the 50 PC mark untouched, but the higher values are more in line with CN and CC; 98 or 99 will *really* mean something
      - Total (TO) is not changed, but for sure needs a recalibration once we finalize the other ratings
      - General: also within the next days, you will find the new maximum value will be 99 (opposed to 100)
      - General: the 0.6 client has an array of preparations included that allows us to do a sequence of planned changes during the next weeks, so be aware of improvements for RC and the TO rating.

      Right now I'm very happy about especially CC - but as usual we will need to look at real world data and reports before we can close this book. Grateful for any feedback and reports.

      #3 Ratings reset
      We knew this day would come: With 0.6, everybody will start out from 0. This allows us to precisely see how everyone is progressing through the lower ratings (and also allowed some fundamental changes on the server side).

      Note: It's entirely possible that we reset again, but it's also possible that this was the last reset.

      #4 Broadcasting disabled
      For the moment, we had to disable the broadcasting UDP interface we introduced with 0.5. We will try to do our best to bring it back as soon as possible, but right now the priority is to make the overall game as good and stable as we want it to be.
      Question for the modders here: Sadly, the interface was made based on the concepts we rewrote with 0.6, so the easiest (and most future-proof) way to go would involve changes in the protocol, which would require changes in the code you've written since 0.5. How do you feel about this?

      That's it from my side for today - I hope you enjoy the eagerly awaited 0.6 version.
      See you on the track!

      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook
      v0.6.0 Changelog
      - Added Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018 model year.
      - Added Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2015 model year.
      - Added Monza Circuit.
      - Driving (F1) cameras reworked: added two more driving cameras (dash pro
      - with car hidden intended for built cockpits
      - and far chase), game now remembers last used camera and added option to lock/hide driver and steering wheel per car. Lateral camera adjustment now also exposed in the View Settings.
      - Camera movement settings now stored in Config/CameraSettings.jon, the old CameraOptionsEA.json is deprecated. General Movement adjusts movements in cockpit camera, Dashcam Factor adjust how much of that movement is transferred to the dash and bonnet cameras.IMPORTANT: old camera settings will be lost.
      - Look L/R now works correctly in helmet camera. Look L/R looks to the side mirrors.
      - TV onboard (F6) cameras added for available cars.
      - Free (F7) camera now available with Cinema HUD (open with mouse scroll button).NOTE: this is NOT a full-feature camera mode, but allows players to enjoy visuals to a greater degree and take screenshots.
      - Rewrite of multiplayer/gameplay code to improve stability and session progression.
      - Ingame menus restructured and divided into Garage and Pause menu.
      - Ingame HUD reorganised and added session status widget.
      - New Radar widget added to HUD based on the popular app for the original Assetto Corsa.
      - Updated configuration for dedicated servers, see…-for-server-admins.54830/
      - Introducing dynamic weather: (potentially) available on official Kunos Practice servers only until relevant game and UI features are added.
      - Multiplayer sessions now emulate race weekends: rubber, dry line (general: weather and track status) represent the situation based on race day and time of day.
      - UI and video settings are now stored in text files (...Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Config\menuSettings.json).IMPORTANT: your previous menu, graphical and game settings will be lost.
      - Added advanced video settings, including mirror resolution, sharpening filter, material quality level, temporal upsampling, volumetric fog, bloom, camera dirt effect and foliage.
      - Default graphics settings adjusted to allow for higher performance without noticeable loss to visual quality.
      - Added session type tags in the UI car selection page to help identify entries eligible in different race types. NOTE: In quick race mode, the opponent field is generated based on the player's choice of entry.
      - Added model year tag in the UI car selection to help identify car models in different evo versions.
      - Assist options will now reliably update when changed during a session.
      - Further adjustments to headlight effects in TV cameras.
      - More realistic full formation lap with AI.
      - AI aggressiveness tuning.
      - AI grid generation now takes into account real life driver skill. Quick Race grids are generated with more consistency.
      - Number of opponents increased to track capacity: bigger fields are now possible as a result, the current limit depends on each individual track. NOTE: Sprint races (both in race weekend and quick race modes) retain grid size limitation due to the number of available real-life entries.
      - Improved raindrop effects on car windshields.
      - Water spray from opponent cars now affects the player car's windshield in a dynamic way, taking into account distance, speed and track wetness.
      - Automatic wiper assist now reacts to water spray and not just rain.
      - Improvements to the appearance of wet and damp track surfaces, especially in low-wetness ranges, which should improve the perception of track conditions.
      - Improvements to car vs. track surface collisions.
      - Audio channel usage optimization.
      - Reworked and more reliable marshalling system with checkered, yellow, white and blue flags.
      - Added new spotter messages.
      - Added race communication alerts.
      - Losing the server connection (e.g. by a server restart) will now trigger a permanent message.
      - Important race communication alerts are displayed for a longer time.
      - Better highlights overtake detection.
      - Optimized CPU use on all threads.
      - Optimized replay memory usage.
      - Optimized netcode and bandwith usage for Multiplayer servers.
      - Volume and audio settings now affect the intro music.
      - Added video sequences volume.
      - Fixes to various car LODs to reduce pop-in in racing scenarios.
      - Adjusted driver position in the BMW M6 GT3.
      - Adjusted driver steering animations.
      - Adjusted wet tyre shader and added ambient occlusion on tyres.
      - Fixed potentially wrong resolution and crashes when starting the game.
      - Fixed multiple crashes occurring when quitting sessions.
      - Fixed replay time multiplier not resetting on session change.
      - Fixed potentially wrong car location detection.- Fixed static car shadow fading out at high speeds.
      - Improved tyre model combined grip.- Improved tyre heat model, especially in overheat conditions.
      - Tyre wear is now affected differently by different kerbs, concrete and other surfaces.
      - Tweaks in preset setups for all cars (we highly advise to not use older setups).
      - Improved vertical surfaces aero model.
      - MoTeC Telemetry implementation.
      - Setup Electronics page now includes a slider to select the number of telemetry laps to be saved at the end of a driving session.
      - MoTeC ACC dedicated workspace, created from Blancpain telemetry engineer used for evaluating basic setup and driver performance.
      - Added native DBox SDK support.
      - Added option to enable/disable native Fanatec LEDs.
      - Setup minimum fuel load set at 2 litres for all cars.
      - Fixed Ferrari 488 GT3 wrong fuel visualization in setup screen.
      - Steering ratio tweaks for all cars.
      - Monza BoP A adjustments for all cars.
      - Tweaks in tyres dirt accumulation and grip levels when going on grass and sand.
      - Sand traps now slow the cars down.
      - Fix to unreliable car spawn in certain situations.
      - Flipped cars will automatically spawn in the pits.
      - Severe cutting will result in immediate disqualification in any type of Multiplayer sessions.
      - Ratings: Track Competence (TR) has improved feedback in the UI; you will see all the sectors necessary, so the progress is easy to understand.
      - Ratings: Track Competence (TR) algorithm improved to reduce false positive aborts.
      - Ratings: Consistency (CN) was rewritten during the refactoring; it should work similarly but has improved precision on various aspects.
      - Ratings: Car Control (CC) largely improved algorithm and UI feedback. It is a lot harder to gain higher ratings, unless you are driving very well.
      - Ratings: Car Control (CC) now understands the concept of turning the wheel too much, and give appropriate feedback.
      - NOTE: Pace (PC) and Total (TO) ratings will be improved and adjusted during the days after this version.
      - NOTE: The maximum number of all ratings will be set to 99 (instead of 100).
      - Backend servers: improved reconnection stability.
      - Backend servers: fixed multiplayer sessions not registering stats and laptimes in certain situations.
      - Passworded servers can now be created.
      - Single player Sprint Race Weekend mode reworked and now has forced tyre change and driver swap.NOTE: Endurance Race Weekend game mode is temporarily disabled until supporting features and UI elements are completed (pit stops and penalties).NOTE: Pit stop crew animations are temporarily disabled until full functionality is retained.NOTE: The Broadcasting API is temporarily disabled
      Die Hälfte der groß angekündigten Änderungen hääten die sich erstmal sparen können.
      Aber immer noch kein vernünftiger Tripple Screen Support.
      Und für mich noch viel wichtiger- VR Support immer noch nicht bearbeitet.
      VR Nutzer - also die die nichts sehen können weil sie die Brille auf den Augen haben müssen alles über die Tastatur bedienen.
      Alle anderen können die Maus benutzen- ganz großes Kino Kunos.
      Mainboard: hab ich, ist schwarz / Prozessor: na klar, sonst macht das Mainboard ja keinen Sinn / Graka: ja, ist lang, schwarz und hat Propeller / Netzteil: ist da, auch Propeller /Gehäuse: schwarz- schon wieder Propeller drin / Lenkrad: ist rund, Grau und Orange / Pedale: mal sehen- ja sind noch da
      v0.6.1 Changelog
      - Added rear-view camera display in Lamborghini Huracán GT3.
      - Consistent mirror resolution in all cars.
      - Fixed ghost car not working in some instances.
      - Ghost car now has a more stable render.
      - Fixed replay highlights increasing with longer sessions.
      - Fix to mirror resolution default.NOTE: defaults to intended default resolution (MID) without changing anything. The EPIC setting is now eliminated. No action required from the user.
      - Added presession timer to MP.
      - Fix to false-positive DQ resulting from teleporting to pits.
      - Fixed standings widget not updating total player count.
      - Fixed driving camera resetting after entering and leaving the pause menu.
      - Fixed both Nissans' setup ECU values, now start from 1.
      - Fixed potential issue with road effects settings not loading properly.
      - Race communication durations edited for important messages.
      - Race results now show gaps to leader.
      - AI skill and aggressiveness sliders remember last set values across game modes.NOTE: AI values will reset after initial launch so pay attention when playing for the first time.
      - Informative help snippets added when selecting each graphics setting.
      v0.6.2 Changelog
      - Fixed wrong first lap time when start-finish line is crossed before the green light.
      - Fixed AI erratic speeds during formation lap.
      - Added lumirank update in replay.
      - Enabled detailed animations in onboard cameras.
      - Added session over message for qualifying/practice.
      - Improved AI pace at Monza and Nurburgring.
      - Added intermediate solution to run the formation sequence in Multiplayer. Overtakes may happen, but enables controlled formation sequence.
      - Fixed protocol mismatch on the rating backend, resulting in wrong data.
      - Fixed SA Rating working in Multiplayer.
      - Fixed RC Rating preventing data being stored in Multiplayer.
      - NOTE: Due to incompabilities with the data, the Rating Profiles will be reset again.
      - Fixed end-sequence in Multiplayer: spotter annoucement, checkered flags and so on will now be correctly triggered.
      - Fixed formation sequence not starting when the leader is in the pits.
      - Fixed rare crash in the Multiplayer server, possibly also crashing connected clients.
      - Fixed races not showing time gaps in Multiplayer races.
      - Fixed tyres not being correctly selected based on dynamic weather conditions along with the setup.
      - Added "Official Test Server" opened for experimental features and testing. See the official support forum.
      - Fixed search and password text input issues in VR.
      - Fixed windshield water effects turning off with LOW and MED Effects settings.
      - Fixed EF Jaguar G3 missing hydraulic compressor sound.
      - Lamborghini Huracán GT3 aero correction.
      - Fixed "locked controls" message invisible in VR.​

      - Fixed a bug in server leading to crashes and desynchronization of time, weather and sessions in Multiplayer.
      - Improved collisions in Multiplayer.
      - Fixed Multiplayer collision detection for the Safety Rating (SA).
      - Removed automatic disqualification in Multiplayer; we collected enough data to go on while allowing drivers to enjoy MP without false positives.
      - Added experimental fix to reduce the CPU occupancy in the accServer.
      - Added CPU warnings to the accServer.
      - Fixed name overlays not working for drivers that join Multiplayer.
      - Fixed label visibility in Multiplayer.
      - Fixed Driver Rating Profile displaying wrong data.
      - Disabled Driver Rating Profile "Total progression" chart.
      - Overall volume fine tuning.
      - Nissan GT-R GT3 automatic clutch fine tuning.
      - Ferrari 488 GT3 BOP correction.
      - Bentley GT3 2016 BOP correction.
      - Fixed automatic assist engine startup issue.
      - Improved AI pace all over the board
      - Added "lazy" Force Feedback initialization, hoping to solve people with no FF at start
      - Added car retirement system to avoid long overtime​

      ​Damit ist auch (endlich) der Server-Bug beseitigt --> der ACC GTR4u-Server ist wieder erreichbar :)
      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook