Assetto Corsa Competizione

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      Sir Bratwurst schrieb:

      Gibt heute Abend übrigens auch den Ferrari:

      Ich versuche heute Abend auch mit zu fahren, ne schwere Form der Männer-Grippe hat mich gerade erwischt... :(

      Richtig und dazu auch das alles:
      V0.4.0 Changelog
      - New Ferrari 488 GT3
      - New Hungaroring circuit
      - Preview: Race weekends in Multiplayer
      - Added version 1 of the Broadcasting SDK (including test/example application)
      - Fixed look around in chase camera
      - Added Lock to Horizon option for Cockpit cameras (Alt+H to toggle, Shift+H and Ctrl+H to increment/decrement partial effect)
      - Added Confirm popup for NextSession, Restart, Pits and Quit button in ingame menu
      - Mirror options are now split in two: "Quality" and "View distance"
      - Added Fuel indicator in car HUD- Added Laps information for Hotstint online leaderboards on "Special events" page
      - Corrected brake heat influence on core tyre temps
      - Adjustments in cars inertia
      - Adjustments in tyre model and tyre flex, should result in better kerb behaviour
      - Added TC2 (TC initial cut) feature of F488. Physics, Controls, Setup
      - Fixed Tyres IMO (Inside Mid Outside) HUD visualisation
      - Fixed Ferrari 488 AI stopping without fuel in long races
      - Fixed wrong car systems during replay
      - Added lap tag in the replay HUD
      - Fixed cumulative automatic highlights endtime
      - Instant replay support for Broadcast app
      - Fixed focused car when entering or leaving replay- Fixed wrong time session start after a restart/next session
      - Fixed potential exterior camera issues for multiplayer
      - Fixed potential wrong near plane during starting sequence
      - Fixed proximity indicator according to the focused car
      - Added new skins for featured cars
      - Car dash luminosity readjusted for new exposure values
      - New Total (TO) rating representing strength and completeness (visible in the Rating Profile)
      - New driver category (visible in the Rating Profile)
      - CarControl Rating adjustments: alien performance now will still have overdrive, but less significant
      - CarControl Rating adjustments: very good driving performance will show values of CC 95+
      - TR/CN/CC: Fixed false-positive detection of "way too hard" for bends and kinks
      - Hotstint now shows laps in the menu leaderboard
      - Hotstint gaps now correctly display lap gaps / time gap within the same lap
      - Added backend connection state indicator to relevant menu pages
      - Added HUD page for broadcasting
      - Added HUD page with the current timetables
      - Holding TAB will temporarily show the timetables HUD page
      - Prevent Ambient sound to play during in game menu
      - Improved camera fading when switching cameras


      v0.4.1 Changelog
      - Fixed occasional driver model flashes in the Ferrari 488 GT3
      - Fixed slightly offset cockpit and dashboard cameras in the Ferrari 488 GT3
      - Added interior endurance lighting in the Ferrari 488 GT3
      - Fixed Sprint race fuel estimation
      - Fixed Cup Category and car bodykit when Free event type is selected (Practice, Quickrace etc)
      - Fixed replay after multiplayer skip session
      - Fixed lap marks for Replay hud
      - Fixed wrong track starting condition that was forcing dry setup
      - Improved Hungaroring AI line- Fixed high pitch noise during a burnout
      - Removed gearbox compressor sound on Ferrari 488 GT3