Assetto Corsa Competizione

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      Update: Gestern 14.11.2018
      0.3 Changelog-
      - New BMW M6 GT3
      - New Circuit Paul Ricard
      - Introduced Practice Session Multiplayer Mode
      - Introduced 3 Hours and 6 Hours Endurance race weekend
      - New online Special Events with new content and online leaderboard
      - Old offline Special Events (quick races) made available
      - Setup Alignment Caster modification is now possible
      - Setup bumpstop UP range is now in stable offset with wheel rate.
      - Adjustments to the dry tyre model rolling resistance
      - Adjustments to the rain tyre mode rolling resistance
      - Wet and water surface rolling resistance and aero drag adjustments
      - Brake ducts preparation on setup screen. Not yet available
      - Fixed steering ratio right selector issue
      - Fixed values on setup screen
      - Improved trasmission and engine wobble and vibration simulation
      - Improved start assist
      - Improved TC logic
      - TC logic simulation now takes into account engine and drivetrain vibration and tries to protect system malfunction.
      - Improved pitlane limiter function.
      - Pitlane limiter only available in 1st gear, disengages if 2nd gear selected.
      - Ram-Air simulation for normal aspirated engines.
      - Improvements on Lamborghini Huracán steering geometry
      - Improvements and adjustments on all preset setups
      - Introducing dirt buildup on cars (step 1)
      - Fixed Bentley ABS same value 2
      - Fixed Bentley Continental display issues with speed limiter
      - Fixed gamepad deadzone forced in UE4
      - Fixed z-fighting problem in replays
      - Added Pixel Density setting in Video options for VR:Pixel Density requires Resolution Scale to be set to 100removing external workarounds (e.g. modified engine.ini) recommended
      - Nameplates with text scaling in screen space, and settings in nameplateSettings.json:textMinSizePerc: to make the text size bigger/smallerminVisibleSizePerc: to make it disappear sooner/later
      - Added Replay tyre compounds, track lights and car dirt status
      - New audio device selector in audio options
      - Improved spatialization for tyres sound and all related effects
      - Reworked logic for skid and scrub sound effects
      - Tweaked dirtiness volume related to its level
      - Tweaked distance attenuation for exterior sounds
      - Radio comms resource usage optimization (loading audio on demand)
      - Events poliphony optimization
      - Fix missing exterior engine in some rare cases with chase camera
      - Minor audio fixes- Performance optimizations in the game thread
      - Mouse not interfering with D-Pad \ Keyboard menu navigation anymore
      - Added new menu page Driver Profile (only Rating section available at the moment)
      - Fixed drivers without helmet in VR