GTR Manger1.21

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      GTR Manger1.21

      Neue Version vom GTR Manager, diesmal mit deutschem Sprachsupport.


      1.21 Final(3.21 final)
      - Fixed a bug about installation process

      1.2 Final(3.2 final)
      - Fixed important bug in internal detection routine about addon installation
      thx to Michael Langen from HEAD ADMIN for german translation
      - Now Gtrmanager temp folder is empty after you quit

      1.2 beta 2 (3.2 Beta 2)
      - Added german support language (click on german flag)
      - New interface colors in all windows
      - Added creation date in both list and you can sort on it
      - Added check box in both addon list to uninstall or install several addons in one click
      - Added refresh list option in ADDON MANAGER
      so you can disable to have addon list updated after each addon installation.
      Useful to add several addons without waiting between installation when list refresh
      - Optimized Picturelist browsing in ADDON MANAGER
      now you can switch between normal list and picturelist in only 1 second (with synchronized line)
      - added UNINSTALL ALL button (pretty useful whe you want to uninstall all addons in order to put an official patch)
      - Race result reports show failures now (brakes, engine, suspension...Etc..etc...) and added a vertical slidebar
      - fixed some minors bugs about ADDON MAKER module
      - Fixed some important bugs in GTR BROWSER module (now all .dds files can be displayed)
      - Fixed obvious bug about GTR dropdownlistbox in GTR BROWSER module
      - Fixed wrong data in the gtrindex.txt files

      Zum Eintrag in der Datenbank