[Release] IMSA Challenge 2008

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      [Release] IMSA Challenge 2008

      Originally Posted by kiwisteve

      Announcing the IMSA Challenge 2008 mod: 34 Porsche GT3 Cup cars in two classes and a "VIP" car that only you can drive; the championship visits 7 classic US race tracks with two races at each round.

      It's a collaboration between kiwisteve, COLVIN35 and JimC from turn4graphics.com.

      Due to some legal stuff, IMSA Challenge 2008 can only be downloaded from turn4graphics.com and I ask that no other public sites host this mod to avoid complications.

      We also need to send out special thanks for the help that came from the actual racing teams: thanks go to Carol Ann Mueller at Alex Job Racing; Darryl Wong; Eric at G1design; Nick at Gruppe Orange; and Renee at Kelly-Moss Racing.

      This is an add-on to the Porsche Mobil Supercup 2008 mod which is available at www.schuchis-garage.de

      It is compatible with Porsche Mobil Supercup 2008 version 1.0 so you don't have to download the new version (1.1, just uploaded at both sites) if you don't want to.


      Ich hoffe, die Links sind ok. Übrigens gibt's bei mir auch das neue Repackage vom Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2008, mit neuen Skins und Fahrern.


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