RMS-F1-2017 V1.0 Pro-C

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      RMS-F1-2017 V1.0 Pro-C

      [webdisk]10292[/webdisk]RMS-F1-2017 V1.0 Pro-C für GTR2

      RMS GT RACING - GTR2 Mod:
      *************** RMS F1-2017
      *************** 22.03.2017
      Version 1.0-C Projekt

      Idea and basic modification: [RMS]Randolf and [RMS]Dura.
      3D models, physics, templates and Paints with: ZModeler2, GEditor, 3DSIMED, Photoshop C5

      Mod info:
      These modified F-1 based on any real racing cars and are created purely fictional.
      Total contained 22 different skins.
      All vehicles have identical driving physics