Reiza Simracing Bonanza!

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      Reiza Simracing Bonanza!

      Reiza springt mit "Reiza Simracing Bonanza!" auf den Crowdfundig-Zug auf:

      New Cars:
      Super V8:
      Inspired by the very popular V8 series from the land down under, the 600 BHP SuperV8 series provide some of the purest racing action on the planet.
      Lancer Cup:
      Officially licensed Mitsubishi Lancer Cup series featuring race-prepared, AWD Lancer Evos in two specs: Lancer R (300 HP) & Lancer RS (340 HP)
      Copa Montana:
      Once a support series for Stock Car Brasil, the Copa Montana cars are 340 BHP prototypes shaped after the popular GM pick-up trucks. Though the series was discontinued in 2013 (having since been replaced by the similar spec Brasileiro de Turismo), it is an excellent entry level series for our V8 line-up. Plus, the pick-ups look cool!
      Formula V10:
      Based on specs from an early 2000s F1 car, the Formula V10 represents the peak of single seater performance in the history of the sport: 605kg, 900 BHP, grooved tires, massive downforce under a roaring V10 soundtrack. This car will complete our GSCE F1 line-up with one car based on each of the past 4 decades simulated in the sim.

      New Tracks:
      Montreal Modern, Velo Citta.

      Expanding Horizons:
      Lancer Evo X Rallycross:
      A top-spec rallycross-prepared Mitsubishi Evo X with 600-HP, turbocharged, 1300kg AWD monster that will blow your mind!
      600-HP V8 Supertrucks to run both on customized race tracks & dirt courses. Sounds fun enough?
      Foz do Iguacu:
      Semi-fictional dirt track at Foz do Iguaçu, based on the course used for the X-Games in 2013, expanded with fictional alternative layouts.
      Further Development of Existing Content:
      Adittions of Renault Fluence & Honda Civic to complete the series 2015 Copa Petrobras De Marcas lineup.
      Formula 3 Brasil:
      Remodelling of the current F309 + adittion of older F301 model also participating in the real series
      Revamped to include all recent modifications & bring it up to spec of our latest tracks
      Extra layouts to existing tracks + adaptations for SuperTruck racing (ramps!)

      Graphics & audio enhancements;
      Physics developments to include tire damage, realistic drivetrain modelling, enhanced FFB;
      New hi-res UI design + HUD system customized for each car type; Support for long distance races;
      Automatic steering ratio adjustment + Support for more controller inputs & newer hardware;
      Custom championship tool so users can build their own seasons for offline racing.

      Information on their new sim, coming Q4 2016! (Not related to this funding campaign!):
      PC Racing Simulator on Steam, to be developed, expanded & supported for years after initial release;
      Integrates all our licenses & assets (present & future) into the same platform with free core updates + paid DLC packages;
      Release price estimated at US$ 39,99 (base package, not including DLCs);
      Initial release planned for Q4 2016;
      Includes majority of the content base in current sims + expands substantially on official licensed content & international tracks;
      DX12 graphics engine;
      Extensive audio & physics developments;
      Dynamic weather & track conditions.

      Zur Indiegogo-Kampagne
      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook
      Mal ein Update 4 Tage vor Ende!
      80% sind erreicht :daumen:

      What is CONFIRMED with funding level achieved so far:
      SuperV8 :

      Lancer Cup:

      Lancer Evo Rallycross

      Montreal Modern;

      Velo Cittá:

      Foz dirt track:

      Features / Improvements: Support for long distance races; Automatic steering ratio adjustment + Increased maximum controller inputs from 3 to 6; various fixes to existing issues & minor improvements to physics, AI, rules.

      V1.37 beta (including Modern Montreal & SuperV8) is being uploaded as we speak and will be made available to backers from level 2 upwards shortly. The devforum is also being set up for all backers - information regarding both will be submitted to backers´ emails shortly.

      The official rooms for public multiplayer racing are also live now, and are the base for the structure we intend to develop -…ultiplayer-racing.108849/more info about it here.

      The above thus is what is already CONFIRMED as upcoming additions.
      Below is the cumulative breakdown of what can still be added to this list, according to the funding level achieved when the campaign wraps up:

      if we hit 70%:
      Cars: Formula V10, Supertrucks;
      Tracks: Additional & longer Foz layouts, Supertruck layouts for existing tracks;
      Features / Improvements: New UI & HUD system, drivetrain physics development to demand more realistic gear-shifting;

      if we hit 80%:
      Cars: Copa Montana, Renault Fluence (Marcas);
      Tracks: Interlagos update to 2015 version;
      Features / Improvements: VR support (including Rift DK2); tire damage & dirt pickup; dynamic track conditions (rubber build up on the racing line & marbles offline based on vehicle interaction);

      Fehlt also nur noch:

      If we hit 90%:
      Bonus car & track (as chosen via voting by backers)
      Features / Improvements: Custom offline championship tool; art pass + additional shader development to boost graphics;

      If we hit 100%:
      Cars: Honda Civic (Marcas), New Formula 3 Brasil models;
      Tracks: Extra layouts to existing tracks;
      Features / Improvements: To be confirmed.
      Keep in mind the breakdown above is an estimation, rather than a plan set in stone - it will remain subject to tweaks according to further feedback from backers and other circumstances.

      Also important to remember that all backers from Level 2 & upwards will receive early beta access to these developments before they are included in the official releases.