GRiD Autosport

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      GRiD Autosport

      Steam Keys gibts ab 29 Euro für die Black Edition.

      So habs jetzt endlich mal geschafft mit
      Wheel zu fahren und ich bin beeindruckt. Bei Grid 2 war es einfach nicht
      möglich da grottenschlecht und hier einfach top. Tolle Rennen im MP
      gefahren. Top Racing, hätte ich vom Grid Franchise nicht erwartet.

      Kann nur empfehlen mit Wheel zu fahren wer kann.

      So richtig simples Arcade is das auf jeden Fall nicht mehr.

      Paar Clips ausm Singleplayer, mit Lenkrad gefahren.

      GRiD Autosport [HD+] Intro Race - Audi RS5 (Cat B Special) @ Hockenheim GP

      GRiD Autosport [HD+] Lancia Delta Integrale - Race @ Washington Hill Circuit

      GRiD Autosport [HD+] Mini John Cooper Works GP - Race @ San Fransisco Short B

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      Gibt es zwischen den Team eigentlich Leistungsunterschiede?? Manchmal kommt es mir so vor, als wenn mein Auto langsamer ist als die Gegner. Bei Cups wo alle das selbe Auto haben, stell ich keinen Unterschied fest.
      GRID Autosport // A Note on Future Content
      By Ben Walke @BenWalke · On July 15, 2014…a-note-on-future-content/

      Now that we’re a few laps past the launch of GRID Autosport, we thought it would be a good time to talk about the extra content that we’re planning on adding to the game over the next few months.

      Many of you that have picked up the Season Pass have raised the question; “just what will I get?” We understand that silence around a Season Pass can raise a number of concerns, which is why we’re here today to give you a rough outline.
      Car Packs

      There will be three car packs for GRID Autosport:

      Best of British
      Coupe Style
      Road & Track

      We’ll have more info on the content of these packs a bit closer to the time of release.


      When we first talked about GRID Autosport receiving Mini-Expansions a lot of you were incredibly positive, which is great! At the heart of each pack is a brand new single player championship and along with it a selection of tracks, routes and cars.

      Each pack is built around a theme:

      Sprint Pack
      Touring Car Legends Pack
      Drag Racing Pack

      As well as content, we also know that timing is vitally important to you. With that said, we can confirm that all DLC is currently scheduled to be released before October 2014.

      As mentioned above, a Season Pass is available on both PC and PlayStation 3, and each DLC pack will also be available to buy separately across all formats.


      In addition to new content we’re also hard at work on patches for the game, some of which you will have already seen deployed and others that are still on their way. These patches aren’t only for fixing any niggles or issues that you’ve helped identify but we’re also committed to improving the game where possible, based on your feedback.

      One such feature will be a virtual rear view mirror, which will soon make its way into a PC patch. Alongside this we will also be allowing advanced controller options to be available for all peripherals, regardless of whether or not they are on our supported list. While we cannot say for certain how your controller will work, the options being available should allow you some degree of control over them.

      Both of these features are currently undergoing our QA process and we’re hoping to push them live very soon.

      Playlist changes are also something that’s due to happen, again, based on your feedback. When we first heard that you were disappointed that some circuits were not making many appearances we took the opportunity to do some investigating. Once we’d dug deep into the playlist rotations we took the decision to change things up a little.

      The end result is that you should now see more GP Routes (the right way around as some may call it) making an appearance and we’ve also increased the number of tracks available to each discipline, which should ensure that all your favourite locations make an appearance across a number of disciplines.

      We’ve been blown away by all the feedback we’ve received so far and we look forward to once again meeting you on the track.
      Grid Autosport Update

      Der Rückspiegel is auch endlich nachgereicht worden für PC.

      "Patch 30th October
      30. Oktober - Loore
      We'll shortly be releasing a new patch which includes both the improved playlists and rear view mirror. The patch is currently being prepared and will be ready for download shortly.

      Change Log

      Online Fix - Improved variety of gameplay combinations available within the playlists to enrich the experience.
      Community Requested Feature - Rear View Mirror - Added the rear view mirror functionality to the graphical options.
      Steam Fix - Added steam launch option for touch enabled features.

      Please note, due to the inclusion of rear view mirror you may find that you have to re-enter your graphic options.

      Das Touring Legends Pack macht Fun..!

      Du meinst wahrscheinlich die Erweiterungspakete (auch DLC genannt), welche teilweise kostenlos angeboten werden, teilweise aber auch gegen Bezahlung. Um diese spielen zu können, benötigst du das Hauptspiel (z.B. GRiD Autosport), sonst kannst du die kostenlosen Pakete nicht nutzen.

      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook
      Ohne jetzt die beiden Grid-Teile zu besitzen - Ich glaube er meint kostenlose DLC zu Grid.
      i5 4670k w/ Corsair H100i @ 4.0 Ghz | MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming | 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance Pro @ 2133 Mhz | EVGA GTX 770 ACX SC | NZXT 410 red | SteelSeries Sensei w/ SteelSeries QCK Mass | ye good ol' stock Logitech G25
      Hab jetzt mal nachgesehen. Das sind Zusatzinhalte, keine eigenständigen Spiele! Die werden dem Hauptspiel hinzugefügt. Du musst also ins Hauptspiel gehen, da findest du sie dann (Neue Autos, Strecke usw.). Installation ist automatisch.
      Das Demoman Derby Pack ist übrigens das einzige welches kostenlos ist (mal vom HiRes Textur Pack abgesehen)
      Alle anderen DLCs müssen gekauft werden (im moment wegen 50% Rabatt aktion extrem günstig zu haben!),
      willst du alle haben empfiehlt sich der Season Pass, da sind alle DLCs schon integriert
      :p2: Vietze Meister R3E GT3 Meisterschaft 2017/2018
      by :p2: