I want to cooperate with one-make event

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      I want to cooperate with one-make event

      Hi there
      I began to prepare for one-make events using Porsche.
      I think I do not use paint realistic, and you want to place in the original paint as fictional.
      We believe also manages various types of data and car number, and want to use skins data at the time of online matches.
      I'm in need of ideas and cooperation of everyone.
      In addition, I expect that to get to the donation while slightly.

      For those who can you purchase the data, nationality and car number specified, can provide then be reflected in the name of the skin you.
      Because the data are managed by the car number, it will be completely original.

      If someone to help with management, I want you to cooperate by all means.
      I have published the following Web site.


      I pray that there is a response of a lot of people!