GTWeb Enduro 12H - 22 March 2014

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      GTWeb Enduro 12H - 22 March 2014


      First of all we take advantage of this announcement to wish you a happy New Year 2014.
      Maybe some people were thinking that GTWeb would never organize again a long-distance race on GTR2 and we even had some doubts about it ... But as you know it, the name of our league is associated for ever with long-distance races.
      These races get unforgettable sensations, and it is thus natural to want to organize another one !

      So, sorry guys, but you'll need to prepare yourseves for weeks to live a "one of a kind" new long-distance race !!!

      We took into account the availability of the organizers, and concluded that it was better to propose a quality novelty on a duration of 12 hours, rather than a 24 hours race.

      However it will be a 12 hours race with almost the same constraints than for 24 hours. The format will be 6 relays of 2 hours to allow a maximum of pilots to participate.

      But take care, no doubt that the level will be extremely high, as usual, because the best pilots of the planet are going to come to fight in a single category!! This time there will be no compromise, it will be necessary to fetch the last thousandth during qualy sessions to hope starting in the good pack because the race looks exciting.

      But to plan the adequate number of servers and the exact shape of the race we need to know the number of leagues and teams which would potentially be interested in the event.

      That's why we'll soon open a topic on this forum for pre-registration and to allow us to evaluate and to straighten our approach if needed. We must indicate that beyond 40 teams we shall switch on 2 servers as 52 teams. Below 40 teams, we'll run on 1 server of 26 teams.

      One only date to retain, 22th of Mars from 12 am to 12 pm !

      Here we are, we hope that this new "enduro" will again be successful and that everything will run well.

      Forum Event :

      Hi all !

      It is time for us to lift the veil on the event.

      The circuit will really be Silverstone. Concerning the mod, we thought that the LMP2 would be the best compromise...
      There will be thus only one mod! That means as well that the level will be extremely high because all the teams will run in the same category. That promises us a race of hell once again. The slightest error of piloting or strategy will be extremely heavy because the gaps will be reduced, and weather conditions in addition...

      The registrations for the event are opened from now on!

      We advise you to join very quickly because the number of slot is limited, thus do not delay.
      Concerning priorities, the GTWeb Teams ( consisted to 100% of pilots GTWeb contributors before 25/01/2014 ) will have priority to participate in the event. Next will come the teams which always trusted us for years by participating systematically in our enduros.

      The teams which do not belong to a league will not be priority.

      Free trials will start very soon (an announcement will be made on the forum).
      It is strongly recommended to all the pilots to participate in it to have a maximum of chances to have your team validated for the race.

      Good registration!

      Entries Open here :…ge=InscriptionsTeamsListe