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      Update 2015-12-03

      Added Inner Oval layout for Speedway 2.
      Fixed Lawn Mower AI getting stuck at Mixed 1 start.
      More info about parts is now available on the marketplace.
      Paint job selection menu no longer goes off-screen.
      Improved Tarmac 2 environmental art.
      Improved engine torque curves and torque mappings.
      Improved engine audio.
      Suspension no longer gets 'stuck' when bounds are exceeded.
      Fixed incorrect off-road surfaces on many tracks.
      Added open and locked differentials.
      Improved tyre model.
      Improved AI generally.

      Update 2015-12-04

      Dedicated server no longer crashes upon launching.
      AM2/AM3 now have correct parts shown in the marketplace.
      Speedway 2 Inner Oval is now more narrow and confined.
      Added reward scaling per event length and car class.
      Removed invisible object on Speedway, Figure 8 layout.
      Fixed money shown in lobby's market not updating after receiving race rewards.
      Reduced tendency of vehicles rolling over.
      It's no longer possible to build AM1 242.
      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
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      Endlich das Dezember Update 8) 8) 8)

      Dear Wreckers,We're excited to let you know that the highly-anticipated December Update for Wreckfest is available on Steam!This update represents a significant step towards the final release of the game, and what that means in practice is that this update contains a plenty of new as well as polished content and features in addition to a host of other improvements, the highlights being:EIGHT NEW CARS
      That's right – eight completely new cars, including our first ever front-wheel-drive cars, classic bangers, demolition derby heavy-hitters as well as something pretty unique! In addition to the new cars, many old cars have been refreshed.PREVIEW OF THE CAREER
      Two championships with many themed series – battle for championship points and earn experience, increase your rank and unlock new parts and cars! This preview is just a taste of things to come, with more varied series and challenges being introduced later on.PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATIONS
      Better performance thanks to the new LOD (Level of Detail) models for all vehicles, optimized grass performance and collisions with dynamic objects, improved V-Sync for smoother framerate.POLISHED TRACKS
      Say goodbye to the old work-in-progress tracks.PAINT CUSTOMIZATION
      Customize your car with a variety of paints and liveries, also supported over multiplayer.MECHANICAL DAMAGE
      Engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes and wheels can get damaged in crashes, resulting in performance degradation. And yes, wheels now get torn off too!VEHICLE TUNING
      Adjust suspension stiffness, differential type, brake bias and gear ratio to suit your style or the track, even between every race – also in multiplayer lobby.GAME MUSIC
      Songs from the Audiodraft game music contest that you voted for are in!AUDIO IMPROVEMENTS
      Unique engine sounds for all cars, most completely new, as well as better situational audio, new spatial effects and improved countdown behaviour.NEW, ENHANCED HUD AND USER INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS
      All-new, more modern HUD. New main menu and some cool neat functionality such as car icons that update automatically.BETTER AI WITH ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY
      Increased awareness and more variation in the driver profiles with some racing cleaner and some being more prone to making mistakes, as well as a difficulty setting that can be adjusted to your preference – try beating it on hard difficulty!RIVALS
      New work-in-progress feature: someone can become your rival by crashing into you, and you can earn bonus score by showing them who's the boss.IMPROVED CRASHES
      Crashes feel more vigorous than ever, and visual damage is improved.ENHANCED VEHICLE PHYSICS AND CONTROLLER
      Improved tire model as well as suspension physics and updated controller implementation for better handling and easier playing with a gamepad or a keyboard. Don't forget to test different assist combinations to find something you like - with no assists the game is meant to be more authentic experience especially with a steering wheel, while with full helpers you can simply pick up the pad and let it rip!MANUAL CLUTCH
      For the ultimate immersion – you asked for it, and here it is!And those are only the highlights: the update contains plenty of other goodies, some more significant and some more minor, but we invite you to take a look yourself. These couple of last months have been hectic for us, and we hope you'll enjoy the update. There are still many little bits and pieces missing as you'll no doubt notice, but we were hell-bent on getting this update out so that you can already have a chance to check out what we've been working on and give us feedback that we can then use to fine-tune whatever you feel is wrong or off. In other words, don't forget to let us know what you think!
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      #85 | florauh666 | SCG 003C
      Da hat sich einiges getan seit ich Wreckfest das letzte mal an hatte. Sehr spassig, weiter so!
      Die Frames auf manchen Strecken sind noch nicht konstant, bzw wackelig. Von 90 auf 40.

      Bin gespannt wie es weiter geht! Spass machts alle Mal und schick siehts auch aus!

      Zille :winken:

      pleasantry Alle sagten: "Das geht nicht." Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat´s einfach gemacht. :this