The Next Car Game - Bugbear Entertainment

      Update 2015-12-03

      Added Inner Oval layout for Speedway 2.
      Fixed Lawn Mower AI getting stuck at Mixed 1 start.
      More info about parts is now available on the marketplace.
      Paint job selection menu no longer goes off-screen.
      Improved Tarmac 2 environmental art.
      Improved engine torque curves and torque mappings.
      Improved engine audio.
      Suspension no longer gets 'stuck' when bounds are exceeded.
      Fixed incorrect off-road surfaces on many tracks.
      Added open and locked differentials.
      Improved tyre model.
      Improved AI generally.

      Update 2015-12-04

      Dedicated server no longer crashes upon launching.
      AM2/AM3 now have correct parts shown in the marketplace.
      Speedway 2 Inner Oval is now more narrow and confined.
      Added reward scaling per event length and car class.
      Removed invisible object on Speedway, Figure 8 layout.
      Fixed money shown in lobby's market not updating after receiving race rewards.
      Reduced tendency of vehicles rolling over.
      It's no longer possible to build AM1 242.