Porsche 911 Biturbo 1.0

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      Porsche 911 Biturbo 1.0

      Porsche 911 Biturbo 1.0 - Author : dah72094


      This is a fictional car I built to run with the Pantera GT5RS I released earlier. It will be

      fairly even with it depending on what track you are racing at. Ai needs to be worked on.

      ---Some Specs---

      Misc: 2118 lbs, increased downforce, stiffer rear springs, big brakes, wide Fuchs wheels home'made turbo sounds.

      Engine: 2.0L four-cam Biturbo flat-6 making 663 hp @ 9500 rpm and 453 ft-lbs of torque @ 6500 rpm. The turbos do not come in until about 5500 rpm. Rev limit can be set between 9850-10000 rpm.

      Transaxle: 993 GT2 6-speed from GTR2

      Tires: Resized Michelin NGTs from GTR2

      Enjoy! Please ask permision if you would like to use the sounds in any other mod that

      will be released.


      Simply extract the file using 7-zip (or another program), and place it directly

      into your GTL folder.


      Thanks to:

      Tom's Engine Shop

      3D Simed