Assetto Corsa (WIP) von den netKar Entwicklern

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      Server steht mit Spa und den neuen alten Porsche.
      PW: 111
      wir sind auch im TS
      Mainboard: hab ich, ist schwarz / Prozessor: na klar, sonst macht das Mainboard ja keinen Sinn / Graka: ja, ist lang, schwarz und hat Propeller / Netzteil: ist da, auch Propeller /Gehäuse: schwarz- schon wieder Propeller drin / Lenkrad: ist rund, Grau und Orange / Pedale: mal sehen- ja sind noch da
      * Improved and updated V10 tyre model for all cars available
      * Improved and updated cars handling and chassis balance and inertia for all cars available
      * Brake fade for all vintage cars
      * Improved tyre wear and tyre graining algorithms taking more into account the load operation for each tyre.
      * General bug fixes and corrections and improvements all around.
      * Fanatec Leds and display now supported


      Changelog v1.12

      - WARNING: this update resets assetto_corsa.ini, we advise to check values for gyro, free camera etc
      - New Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 group B rally car
      - New Highlands track in four layouts
      - Removed on screen Fuel Indicator for cars except the player's one
      - Fixed Setup Tab sorting
      - Added online Timed Races (with and without additional lap)
      - Added online ResultScreen time
      - Tweaked all the system apps regarding Timed Races
      - Fixed online pit crew locations
      - Added pressure meter color on Tire App (based on compound ideal pressure)
      - Updated minimum pressures and optimum pressures for various cars
      - New v10 tyre wear algorithms more sensitive to load for all cars
      - Graining is now reducing when driving in good temperature conditions
      - New and updated V10 street, semislick, vintage, and race slicks tyres for all cars. A total of 151 cars updated.
      - Updates for cars that already had V10 tyres as well.
      - Updated chassis balance and inertias for all 151 available cars.
      - Updated engine coast braking for street cars
      - Updated antiroll bars for Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car as per suggestion of Porsche that asymmetrical antiroll bar settings are not advised, so now settings are back to 7 in setup screen.
      - Updated rear wing aero for Porsche 911 GT3 Cup to allow for lower rear wing at high speed tracks like Monza
      - Added rear vertical fin for Lotus 98T
      - Updated Brake temp for
      Shelby Cobra
      Lamborghini Miura
      Alfa Romeo GTA
      Abarth 595
      Ford Escort RS
      Ford GT40
      Lotus 25
      Lotus 49
      Maserati 250F 6C and 12C
      Lotus 72D
      Ferrari 312T
      Ferrari F40
      - Fixed penalty detection
      - Online cut reporting (Throttle Cut disabling)
      - Added acServerManager 1.12.0
      - Added timed race management
      - Added result screen management
      - Track with 2 pits are allowed
      - Added option for online cut reporting (with Throttle Cut disabling)
      - Pitstop: Suspension repair will automatically fix body too
      - Added Tyre compound on race_out.json and server result
      - Fixed Gt3 AI crashing at Nordschleife
      - Added DigitalLed Tyre lock/slip script
      - implemented in the latest Porsche racing cars, GT3 Cup, GT3 R and 919 Hybrid 2016
      - Added Decimals to DigitalItem Fuel script
      - Added local velocity to Shared Memory
      - FF_SKIP_STEPS now defaults to 0. Wheels with problematic FF can have it set back to 1 if necessary
      - Added new
      optional parameter in controls.ini
      - Added Fanatec leds support (system/cfg/fanatec.ini)
      - Added Pitstop to Qualify session
      - Tweaked confusing "Drive through penalty" message
      - Fixed Pitstop times for Porsche race cars
      - Tweaked M4 Akrapovic engine volume
      - Fixed Porsche 911 GT3 RS coast volume


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      AC 1.12.1 Update

      - skin template added for the new Audi Sport quattro S1 E2
      - Fixed Ferrari LaFerrari erratic aero behavior on Highland high speed jumps
      - Fixed shadows caster on grass at highlands long
      - Tweaked city surface ffb effects at highlands, long and drift
      - Fixed mirrors UV on Audi Sport quattro S1 E2
      - Fixed Lotus 98T yellow tyre wear indicator on new tyres.
      - Updated Lotus 98T performance envelope by tyres, diffuser and front wing ride height sensitivity and other changes.
      - Fixed Tatuus FA01 tyre compound wear
      - Updated acServer with a fix for bookmark registration mode
      - Added IGNORE_RESULT_TELEPORT in system/cfg/options.ini to avoid teleport to pit at the end of each online session.
      - Updated walls on highlands track in order not to use them as advantage
      Goooood news:

      We’re proud to announce 2 pieces of FREE bonus content, coming soon to Assetto Corsa on Steam as part of our next major update.
      Mazda 787B
      Back in 1991, Mazda became the first Japanese manufacturer to win the 24 hours of Le Mans, with the Mazda 787B. This Group C sports prototype weighed in at just 845kg and was capable of reaching top speeds of over 340 km/h, as well as producing 690bhp at 8000rpm, thanks to its Wankel rotary engine.
      Mazda MX-5 N/A
      Introducing the Mazda MX-5 first generation, the car which revived the classic roadster in the 90’s. Produced with a 1.6 Litre and a 1.8 Litre engine, with the latter capable of 128bhp. The modest power was more than enough to push the lightweight body to over 200 km/h.
      Stay tuned for more info on what to expect in Update v 1.13 on PC.

      Tl,dr: Der Mazda 787B und MX-5 N/A kommen als kostenlos mit dem Update 1.13, das ganze wohl schon "sehr bald".
      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook
      Changelog für's heutige Update:

      k this is the changelog for now.. as you know stuff might get added/removed on the finish line:

      - New Porsche 911 RSR 2017 for Porsche Pack 3
      - New Mazda MX-5 Miata NA
      - New Mazda 787B: mod skins made for the original 787B mod will need to be updated using the new template

      - Added OpenVR/Vive support (beta)
      - Fixed Mazda MX-5 ND setup ride height false indication
      - Fixed Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV gearbox damage
      - Adjusted Lotus 72D and Ferrari 312T tyre compound wear and heat ranges
      - Fixed Flag rendering for VR
      - Fixed colour balance for emissive items (lights+digital) when Post Processing is turned off
      - Added downshift protection alert (can be disabled through the launcher options)
      - All GT2/GTE cars default to Medium tyres now (also for AI)
      - Fixed broken rendering when OCULUS mode is selected but no Oculus is actually connected
      - Added Pitstop arrows to DirectInput Dpad: bind to the wheel dPad: can be overidden by controls.ini [ADVANCED]DPAD_INDEX_OVERRIDE=0
      - Added Pitstop quickmenu + Setup pitstop strategy: this can be custumized and disabled by system/cfg/pitstop.ini [SETTINGS]USE_MOUSE_PITSTOP=0
      - Updated Fanatec library to support new wheel bases.
      - Fixed possible CPU warning when player gets retired.
      - Multiplayer features:
      - Added reversed grid races: the race session will be restarted in reversed grid order based on the standings of the previous race. Players disqualified in the first race will start from the back of the grid in the second race, regardless of their position being within the reversed grid range.
      - Added locked entry list in pickup mode: same as in booking mode, only players already included in the entry list can join the server (password not needed).
      - Added car Steam ID sharing in entry list: each car in the entry list can feature multiple GUIDs. Players can share that car (one at once). The name inserted in the entry list is used as driver name.
      - Fixed server result log not displaying invalid laps.
      - Fixed end-of-race session status for lapped players in lap races.
      - Added Mandatory Pit: a pit window can be added to the race session. As a design choice, players need to stop at their pit box within the pit window to have a valid pit stop. Players with pit boxes further down the pitlane need to take this into account before deciding on their strategy. Players may make additional pit stops before and after the pit window, but only making a mandatory stop in the indicated pit window will validate their race. Server admins must decide on a pit window that allows all players, regardless of their pit box position, to comfortably make a pit stop under normal racing conditions.
      - Updated Shared Memory

      Es tut sich was an der Front.
      Introducing "Ready To Race", our all-new DLC for Assetto Corsa, available for PC Steam on May 18, then in the near future on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "Ready To Race" includes ten new cars from AUDI, Lotus, McLaren, Maserati and Toyota, providing the "most wanted" models ready to race!
      Our all new RTR DLC provides a great variety of models that mix technology, power, history and design from Italy, Great Britain and Japan, resulting in a package designed to meet all your wishes!
      * Audi R8 LMS 2016
      * Audi R18 e-tron quattro
      * Audi TT Cup 2016
      * Audi TT VLN 2013
      * Lotus Eleven
      * Maserati MC12 GT1
      * McLaren 570S
      * McLaren P1 GTR
      * Toyota Celica ST185 Turbo
      * Toyota TS040 Hybrid
      May 18th also sees the launch of Update v 1.14 on Steam. Check out just some of the changes you can expect below...
      * Added wind algorithm
      * Added AI Aggression selection
      * More AI differences within a single lap to generate more battles
      * Added AI wing setup variations
      * New AI algorithms for understeer detection and downshifting
      * Improved Downshift Protection
      * Updated Steam statistic reader to synchronize steam achievement
      Stay tuned over the coming days for more info on these truly incredibly cars and our next major Steam update.

      Also Donnerstag ist Bescherung hail
      Mainboard: hab ich, ist schwarz / Prozessor: na klar, sonst macht das Mainboard ja keinen Sinn / Graka: ja, ist lang, schwarz und hat Propeller / Netzteil: ist da, auch Propeller /Gehäuse: schwarz- schon wieder Propeller drin / Lenkrad: ist rund, Grau und Orange / Pedale: mal sehen- ja sind noch da
      Ich freue mich unheimlich auf den MC12...
      i5 4670k w/ Corsair H100i @ 4.0 Ghz | MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming | 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance Pro @ 2133 Mhz | EVGA GTX 770 ACX SC | NZXT 410 red | SteelSeries Sensei w/ SteelSeries QCK Mass | ye good ol' stock Logitech G25
      Changelog - Quelle:

      You know the drill.. things can still change.. yada yada, all that stuff that I always say:

      - New autosaved replay options and UI added to launcher main theme
      - Handicap (ballast & restrictor) options in custom championship mode
      - New Audi TT Cup
      - New Audi TT RS (VLN)
      - New Audi R8 GT3 2016
      - New Audi R18 LMP1 2014
      - New Lotus 3-Eleven (race)
      - New McLaren 570S
      - New McLaren P1 GTR
      - New Maserati MC12 GT1
      - New Toyota Celica ST185 Group A
      - Mandatory pitstop window is now related to pit entry timing (replacing old system)
      - Pitstop animation enabled with oculus or STAY_IN_CAR enabled (system/cfg/pitstop.ini)
      - Added Position set digital script
      - Added ballast and restrictor option offline for championships and multiplayer. Work in Progress for offline quick race and race weekend UI
      - Added wind algorithm
      - If controller is keyboard then Pitstop app is replaced by mouse pitstop
      - Mouse pitstop with Mouse Steering enabled is now working correctly
      - Tweaked backfire flash flames in many cars
      - Realtime app: qualify/practice colors are based on leaderboard position, race color on current position
      - Added DIGITAL_PANEL script to display current position and P2P on car's external panels (Audi TT Cup)
      - Added FUEL_PERC script to show fuel quantity as percentage (McLaren 570S)
      - Fixed broken UI interaction due to session switching when pitstop was not finished
      - Fixed rare automatic pitstop activation at car spawning in the pit
      - Fixed deadzone for gamepads
      - Fixed Tyre App thermal value for exploded tyres
      - Minimum for automatic reset tyre on track is now 2
      - Fixed flag rendering in VR with PP off (again, hopefully for real this time)
      - Fixed Achievements from unlocking when car is blackflagged
      - Pitstop app: new tyre pressure can only differ from the current one by 4psi (because of minimal height rule)
      - Added Push To Pass system (Audi TT Cup), P2P amount depends on grid position, enabled in Practice and Race sessions only
      - Added physics option for different fuel weight/density
      - Adjusted Lotus 98T tyre wear
      - Fixed old pitstop UI from allowing more fuel when setup is fixed
      - Added Black Flag description
      - Added Online time of day multiplier (x1 to x10)
      - Added track animated starting lights
      - Added blink feature to RPM SERIES script (updated all relevant cars)
      - Added acServerManager 1.14.0
      - Added Time multiplier
      - Added Wind
      - Added Restrictor (BoP)
      - Fixed BoP server message to client
      - Fixed bug on client fixed setup 2nd reloading
      - Added resolution string on splash screen
      - Added "safe mode" initialization when first DX11 init fails, it will try again with desktop resolution and AA/Fullscreen off
      - Added AI Aggression selection
      - More AI differences within a single lap to generate more battles
      - Added AI wing setup variations
      - Added new Random camera mode algorithm
      - Fixed driver model visibility bug in Random camera mode
      - Removed AI slowdown hack for cars with spool differentials
      - Improved Downshift Protection algorithm
      - Fixed AI giving away green light by flooring gas 500ms in advance
      - New AI algorithms for understeer detection and downshifting
      - Fixed Car Engineering app sometimes reporting wrong total and sprung weights
      - Added Fuel x Time on Setup Fuel tab and pitapp (optional section in car.ini [FUEL_EXT] KG_PER_LITER=value)
      - Added best splits at the end of the race on leaderboard timetable
      - Tweaked leaderboard to show player name/position even if that player has disconnected
      - Updated Steam statistic reader to synchronize steam achievement
      - Added "virtual desktops" functionality to in-game GUI (cyclable through ctrl+u key combination)
      - Fixed session synchronization issue when session switches while a new player is joining
      - AI is now using kers
      - Fixed Nissan Skyline R34 having downshift protection when it should not
      - Added "variation" slider for AI. It will randomize the AI level in the range selected.
      - Fixed Nissan GT3 texture map on lod B
      - Added player's nation flag support (not valid flag will be rendered as AC logo)
      - Added new Driver Label GUI (customizable in \system\cfg\name_displayer.ini)
      - Added nation flags on leaderboard GUI
      - Tweaked opponents list to include nationality
      - Update special events to include nationality
      - Added Mandatory Pit warning message at the start of the race
      - Added minisectors to overlay leaderboard and performance delta app, this can be disabled through [Documents]/Assetto Corsa/cfg/gameplay.ini
      - Some template updates to existing content
      - Porsche 911 RSR 2017 template added
      - Templates added for Lotus 3-Eleven, Audi TT Cup, Audi TT VLN, McLaren 570S, Mclaren P1 GTR, Toyota Celica ST185, Maserati MC12 GT1
      - Minor graphical updates on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Lotus Exige V6 Cup
      - Digital display script tweaks across the board
      - Fixed a bug on Nissan GTR GT3 LOD B
      - Minor livery fix on Glickenhoue SGC003
      - Python new functions:
      macht doch nix, jetzt wird halt der Antrag gestellt die Nissans per Restrictor einzubremsen. dead
      Argumente für oder genen Restrictor bitte auf mein Kto mit dem entsprechenden Verwendungszweck. rofl
      Nee jetzt mal im Ernst, wir werden sehen was es bringt oder was sich geändert hat, gab ja auch immer Änderungen im Hintergrund die nicht verkündet wurden.
      Mainboard: hab ich, ist schwarz / Prozessor: na klar, sonst macht das Mainboard ja keinen Sinn / Graka: ja, ist lang, schwarz und hat Propeller / Netzteil: ist da, auch Propeller /Gehäuse: schwarz- schon wieder Propeller drin / Lenkrad: ist rund, Grau und Orange / Pedale: mal sehen- ja sind noch da
      Assetto Corsa v1.16 Changelog

      – New Alfa Romeo tipo 33 Stradale
      – New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
      – New Lamborghini Huracán Performante
      – New Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
      – New Maserati Alfieri
      – New Maserati Quattroporte GTS
      – New Pagani Huayra BC
      – New Laguna Seca Circuit
      – Corrected Porsche 908LH Fuel consumption
      – Corrected Pagani Huayra front splitter aero position
      – Added steering wheel alert on race start.
      – Potential workaround for launcher losing input focus after session ends; reported after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
      – Templates added for Bonus Pack cars
      – Various minor updates to digitial instruments in older content
      – Various minor graphical fixes in older content​

      Server mit Laguna Seca (GT3), V8 Supercars und Bergrennnen (inkl. aller neuen Autos) sind übrigens online :)
      "Bwoah." - Kimi Räikkönen
      GT Series | GTR4u auf Facebook