Solitude 64

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      [webdisk]9943[/webdisk]GTR2 Circuit Solitude 1964 v1.0
      Original author for LPG & Martijn GPLEA
      Conversion, modification and improvement Neel Jani

      Solitude circuit History;

      The Solituderennen Solitudering or (in French circuit of Solitude) is a 11.4 km road circuit near Stuttgart, and named after the nearby Castle Solitude.
      Motor sports events were held from 1903 to 1965.
      Because of the narrow pathways, only motorcycle events were held until 1956. The track and stands were expanded in early 1957 and racing sports cars and racing have been organized by the Automobile Club ADAC.
      Motorcycle Grand Prix took place on this circuit from 1952 to 1964, with the German motorcycle Grand Prix which takes place here in even years: 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964.
      From 1961 to 1964, Grand Prix Formula 1 non-championship were held, in addition to tests of Formula 2 and Formula Junior.
      In 2003, a memorial was held, with many former members and vehicles.

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      Original author for LPG & Martijn GPLEA
      Conversion, modification and improvement Neel Jani

      I thank
      Philcout for grass and track connections using 3DSMAX,
      TheSky for his support and advice,
      Luigi for his super cameras

      And testers: Boblebric, Thierry81, TheSky & Whoops and sorry for those I forget.

      I begin work on this track since more than two years, and I try to contacted several times and since the beginning, the original author Martijn on the old Race Sim Central (RSC) forum and Idon't have any answer, I also use their private e-mail address found in the original credit, but the address does not work anymore, so I haven't been able to obtain permits,

      I thank Martijn for this track, and his great work to achieve great track and I hope that, if soem day he discover this conversion, he will not Disagree, and he therefore enjoy seeing his work on other platforms,

      You can find more details and the original credit file in the root directory of the circuit,

      For the update of the circuit and part of the new objects (3D) one or more textures were created with images of CGTEXTURES.COM. These images can not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.

      Testing are done on current PC configurations, with Window7 64, no problems with a maximum of cars.


      SimBin for GTR2,
      Martijn & GPLEA Original author LPG
      SimGarage 3DSIMED,

      Neel Jani