MontTremblant 09

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      MontTremblant 09

      [webdisk]9370[/webdisk]Race07 MontTremblant 09 V1.0

      Original Track Author: Paul Aimone (aka) Porsche Guy
      Rfactor conversion By: Bud Lucas and Andy55
      To assist by: PhilRob, Goresh, DeadEyeski, and Uwe Trempelmann

      This version understands three alternatives, GP, Chicane & North

      I thank Bud Lucas which my nicely to authorize to make a modern version of this circuit, for GTR2, GTL, Race07 & Rfactor starting from the version Rfactor St-Jovite,

      In order to make this modern version, I am of video and photographs of 2008 & 2009 of Ferrari challenge,
      I withdrew several advertizing medium objects as two footbridges which are not present in reality, only an additional removable footbridge and well presents but only to the travel of the Field-Bus (Indycar)

      I thank the following people particularly,

      In first my friend Boblebric author of the 3D and texture of the new Building industry (Turn) of the Stands and video assemblies of the screens TV,
      My super Thierry81 pal who it is devoted for the AIW of each version and each platforms,
      Luigi for these super Cameras,
      TheSky for these models 3D of fires of Grid, entry and exit of the stands
      Fred@ass for these textures of horizon
      And to finish Colvin35 & Matrix 6996 which mount to authorize to use part of their Hauler Trucks taken on their circuit Houston 2007,


      SimBin for Race07
      SimGarage 3DSIMED
      Google SketschUp


      Good entertainment,
      Neel Jani