Nogaro für GTR-Evo

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      Nogaro für GTR-Evo

      Race07 GTR-EVO Nogaro 2004 V1.0

      Origin circuit Nascar Racing 2003 by Nocolas Andronov,
      Conversion & update by Neel Jani

      Nicolas Andronov a thank you for the authorization

      For this version Race07 GTR-Evolution, I myself served my V2.0 GTR2

      I thank Thierrydu81 which repeats a full AIW for a maximum of 36 cars,
      I also thank Boblebric for video screen TV and I thank the beta testers, Vrooooum, Boblebric, Thierrydu81 & Surtees,

      Well-understood and unlike GTR2! Night lights and TV screens do not work (thank you SimBin)

      Maximum number of 36 cars


      SimBin Race07 for GTR-Evolution
      SimGarage 3DSIMED
      Cams by Luigi
      AIW 36 cars per Thierrydu81
      Video (BIK) Boblebric

      E-Mail contact;

      Have fun,
      Neel Jani

      Zum Eintrag in der Datenbank

      Update V 1.1

      The Improvements compared to the v1.0 are the following ones,

      - Correction of the AIW by Thierrydu81 following the problem noted at the end of the grid with a departure behind the security car,
      - Adjustment of part GMT which caused flutter in the trees and other objects,
      - Addition XCORNER (marks with arrows indication turn & report)
      - Modification Horizon (Skyboxi)
      - Final improvement of some texture,