Race Pro

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      Original von UnDerDoG
      Finds ganz gut,nur schade das es nicht für die PS3 kommt! Ms lässt ja keine USB Lenräder von drittanbietern zu was den Spielspaß doch schmälert...

      Ja, das ist wirklich schade :( . Wobei ich nicht weiß ob es nicht vielleicht noch kommt, für den Einstieg ist es da sicher besser sich erstmal auf der Xbox 360 Hardware zurechtzufinden und wenn GT5 wirklich erst 2010 kommen sollte wäre ja auch auf der PS3 "Platz" für Race. Zum Glück komme ich generell wenigstens ohne H-Schaltung bzw. Schaltknauf aus bzw. kann damit eh nicht fahren/schalten :P :smash:
      Original von Yari5
      moin ,nicht schlecht vor allem die in cockpit perspektive,da erkennt man auch deutlich die ziffern,was wie ich finde nicht in gtrevo oder gtr2 so richtig zu lesen ist

      Das sieht gut aus, ja, aber die Anzeige ist genau so wie beim 2004er Saleen aus GTR2 (mit eingeschaltetem Licht -> blau) :)
      Aus der EDGE:

      There is also a coherent DLC strategy inplace that will, over the course of five monthly content packs, see a return to GT Legends-esque historic touring cars and the addition of the Spa-Franchorchamps circuit.

      Und nicht viel neues hier:

      The preeminent PC race simulator specialist turns to the console side

      Console debutante it may be, but independent racing simulation studio Simbin has been quietly plying its trade for several years since its birth as a mod team for EA's F1 titles. Carving out success and respect in an arena driven, literally, by the traditionalist and austere PC sim racing crowd, which continues to actively support elderly yet authentic titles such as Grand Prix Legends and Richard Burns Rally, is a feat indeed. The Swedish developer persues realism with fundamentalist zeal, relying on the reality of motor racing to be just as intoxicating as anything 'arcade' merchants could imagine. This uncompromising approach was never more evident then in GTR2 - a comprehensive simulation of the FIA GT championship that earned a place in Edge Presents: The 100 Best Videogames Last Year.

      With Race Pro, Simbin takes up the mantle recently abandoned by Codemasters in its Race Driver series, shooting for breadth as well as depth. The garage may be stocked almost exclusively with race-prepared vehicles, but they range from near-standard Mini Coopers to fragile, frightening open-wheeled Formula cars - a performance curve that encompasses some 800 brake horsepower. Of course, the studio's parimary hope is to broadside the console audience by furnishing each vehicle with a physics model far more sophisticated and plausible than anything players have been exposed to before, and one that's directly comparable to real racing. "Many professional drivers use our games," claims Henrik Roos, Simbin CEO and former GT racer in a Dodge Viper, no less. "One of the Swedish Touring Car Championship drivers was not so familiar with the Anderstorp circuit, so he used our game to try and find a new line. He went there, used his new line, took pole position and won both races."

      The obsession with authenticity is a rich seam that runs through every element of the Race Pro preview code we've seen. Name another developer that takes the time to texture the untidy globs of welding on an exposed section of rollcage, for example. It's endemic of a passionate team pulling in a single direction, with little in the way of external pressure or responsibility beyond its own ideals. "Simbin has a philosophy that we should finance our own games," Roos explains. "We take the publisher in at a very late stage, because otherwise they try to manipulate us and tell us what to do and so on. We like to have freedom to create what we believe in, and that's that reality is more fun than fantasy. Other games give points for sliding or hiting things, but we think to drive a Saleen S7 on the straight and to see and hear the vibrations is fun enough." Of course, the traditional criticism levelled at all flavours of vehicle simulation is that they'll require proficiency equal to that of a professional pilot to operate, something that Roos refutes emphatically: " It's not going to be more difficult to drive than Project Gotham or Forza Motorsport - we've tried those games. This is what journalists always write, but we hope that when you have a review version, you will find out that it's not more diffucult than any other game, but that it is more challenging in the end." Currently the control system is 'pre-beta', and not implemented to a level at which we could ascertain the validity of that claim, but Simbin was able to demonstrate the presence of a number of costumisable driver aids, which should soften the challenge for initiates. In addition, handling difficulty, class of vehicle and AI difficulty are all seperately modifiable options, meaning a blended, user-defined challenge should, in theory, be achievable. The most accurate barometer will no doubt be the confirmed Xbox Live demo, and Roos cites this as crucial in showing Race Pro's accessibility in comparison to more established console titles.

      Perhaps the game's most surprising turn, given the scale of the operation, is that the bespoke Lizard Engine passes visual muster. While Codemasters' Grid maintains a narrow edge in overall aestethic, Race Pro's art direction, rather predictably, dispenses with extraneous graphical finery in favour of more subtle effects. That's not to say there aren't flourishes, and the sun's reflection on rubberised portions of the racing line, for example, demonstrates a measured and natural approach to making the often topographically barren circuits engaging.

      It seems that, an aborted first attempt with THQ notwithstanding, Simbin may benefit from extremely fortuitous timing for its console debut. With Turn 10 quiet about its next project, and Bizarre Creations working on an as-yet-unannounced title for Activision, the Christmas period appears open for the developer to make its unique mark on Xbox 360. As is often the case in motorsport, there's no question that a small independent team would struggle in direct competition with the sheer scale of manufacturer-backed projects. Given console players' long exploited taste for authentic racing titles, though, Simbin's unswerving faith in its purist approach to replicating reality may yet see this particular underdog richly rewarded.
      Neues Vid in HD und SD, welches die Serienwagen beleuchtet.

      Komisch nur dass der Apollo in dem Video fehlt, der macht doch am meisten Fun, zumindest in Evo :racer: . Abgesehen davon soll es z.B. Laguna Seca und Road America an neuen Strecken geben, falls das hier noch nicht irgendwo steht. Macht ja auch Sinn, schliesslich ist die Xbox 360 in den USA groß.

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