Angepinnt rF 2007 Mod für GP4 - MMG Project Conversion

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      rF 2007 Mod für GP4 - MMG Project Conversion

      GP4Italia and GP4World are proud to announce a phenomenal exclusive: conversion of MMG 2007 RFactor Mod for GP4!
      The conversion project will be developed in the contemporary with the RFactor version.
      Moreover GP4Italia and GP4World will have exclusive rights to convert any other work of the MMG to GP4.
      All progress and updates on this project will be shown on GP4Italia and GP4World Forums.

      All this means that GP4Italia will have the exclusive right to host all these files, which will not be available from any other website.

      Our Diego aka Oggo is helping Paolo, Bernard and Hega with the conversion.
      Special thanks to Paolo (webmaster of GP4World) for this.

      na da können wir uns auf einiges gefasst machen.

      GTT 2014
      Nihon Racing | P8|67Pkt
      #16 IceT | NiRa 458 | P17|24 Pkt
      #95 Capi | NiRa M3| P12|43Pkt
      Nihon Racing Scandalous Ryuko | P11|45 Pkt
      #82 Sheepy | NiRa 997 | P21|17Pkt
      #85 florauh666| NiRa M3 | P16|28Pkt
      Nihon Racing