rF Misano

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  • rF Misano
    Misano track for rFactor.

    Converted from the GTR2002 Mod version.

    New Features

    *New trees, billboards, sponsors and sound barriers.
    *over 60 working nightlights/poles for night races.
    *Many built from scratch textures.
    *Added pitin/pitout lines and standard redtogreen startlights.
    *Light on fps, but has many spec/bump maps and the whole track is exported using the ISI's 3DSMAX plugin for avoiding flickerings and wrong mip scaling.

    Known bugs:

    -This track is optimized 24h for dx9 and fullres textures, dx7 and dx8 settings are good on daylight, during night, some surfaces presents fadetoblack areas.

    I don't know the real origin of the track, i think Simbins convert the track from Race Driver or SBK2001.

    Many thanks to Madhorse for his scratch build trees.

    Converted by Elwood

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