GTL Xcars 1.70

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  • GTL Xcars 1.70
    "GTL_Xcars 1.70" by Taz
    English Translation by Ga2jo

    GTL Xcars allows to enable or disable a model or a specific car.
    Each car folder contains a file with the extension ".CAR"
    When changing this extension into "xCar", GTL no longer takes these folders into account.
    Since Strava's GTL_Cars uses the exact same method, vehicles that are deactivated with it
    are detected as such by GTL_Xcars and thus can be modified.

    You can create, save and delete configuration profiles.

    1 - Unzip in a folder (its name doesn't matter).
    2 - To use the program, you must click on the green + button ("Add a GTL Path") then browse
    your hard drive and point to GTL.exe file.
    3 - GTL_Xcars creates a .ini file in this folder in order to stock the link(s) to GTL folder(s)


    - To enable or disable a model or a specific car (skin), double-click on its name.
    - Click then on the Validate button to apply these changes in the game.

    - Number of gears indicated for each car
    - Scan of the Folder "Teams" updated (now supports the F1LR mod file structure)
    - "Language" menu updated
    You can now create a German or Italian language file, the appropriate menu will then be available.
    To do this:
    - create a copy of the "xcars.en" file and rename it to "" for German or "" for Italian.
    - open the new file and change the text after the "=" sign on each line
    - save the file and restart GTL Xcars.
    1.60 :

    - support several different GTL installations.

    To add a link to another GTL installation, click again on the green + button ("Add a GTL Path")
    To remove a link to the GTL installation currently displayed in the pop-up menu,
    click on the red - button "Delete selected GTL Path"
    Only the link is removed, no file of GTL is altered.

    Whether you uninstall a copy of GTL, delete manually or rename the folder this copy of GTL is
    installed in (e.g.: \GTL offline\ to \GTL\tests\), GTL_Xcars removes the old reference
    since it checks if GTL installations listed are valid each time you launch it.
    1.50 :

    - "Profiles" bug fixed
    - To prevent a same car to appear ON and OFF at the same time, GTL XCars deletes
    the .xcar file upon launching when there is also a .car file in the same folder.
    - Cars icons displayed (small bug with 16 bits icons though...)
    1.42 :

    - 'enable/disable cars' bug fixed
    - New profiles are incompatibles with previous versions of the program.
    1.41 :

    - Fixed bug loading cars
    1.4 :

    - Display of power and power-to-weight ratio for each model if the .car file is not encrypted and can be read.
    There may be a slight difference (1 Kw) with the data in GTL
    - Filter based on the power-to-weight ratio (ga2jo idea)
    - Fixed a bug when disabling a specific car with two different engines but the same number
    (ex: Porsche 904 GTS/4 and 904 GTS/6 #18)
    - New profiles are incompatibles with previous versions of the program.

    Thanks to PascalH for his explanations on the calculation of power
    1.3 :

    - Cars are classified according to the HDVehicle file (.hdc), with weight display.
    If the .car file is encrypted or can't be read, the car is then listed in a "No HDVehicle" category

    - "Load Profile" bug is fixed
    1.2 :

    - Configuration Profiles
    - You can now disable all models in the original classes (TC65, GTC65, GTC-TC 76).

    PS: It is strongly recommended to run tests on a copy of your program and not your usual installation

    PS2: thanks to Dida, Ga2jo and Maitrequeue57 for testing.
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