Honda Junior Kart für Race 07 (GTR Evo/STCC/Race ON)

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  • Honda Junior Kart für Race 07 (GTR Evo/STCC/Race ON)
    Honda Junior Kart für Race ON by 29manzglade

    Nach langer Arbeit an der Mod, ist sie immer noch nicht fertig, aber schon um einiges reifer geworden.
    Ich hoffe euch gefällt die Mod, auch wenn sie mit abstand die schnellste im Spiel ist.

    Leider gibt es momentan noch kein Customskin support, da das Modell immer wieder geändert wird.

    Hier noch die Readme:

    This is the Honda Junior Kart mod by 29manzglade.
    this people has help me:
    Tolik makes the 3D-modell of the engine
    slimjim makes the 3d-Modell for rFactor
    LkwFan convert it to gtr2, and make the Slick B.
    s4chem for the front bumper 3d-modell
    Cobalt for the Shadow of the kart

    I also converted it to GTR Evo / Race On (also working with Race07)

    I reworked the 3D-Modell, the textures and the Physics
    thanks to all.
    you arent allowed to upload this mod anywhere. please ask me if you want to upload it.
    my E-Mail:
    you can contact me also on NoGrip or Pilsbierbude, i speak German and English.
    Thanks also to Lkwfan, he was my "master", and helped me with 3DSimed.
    But dont forget Heizer, who was helping me with some problems i had.
    Last but not Least, myself 29manzglade, i worked on some physics and some little other things.
    I would be very happy if there are much Paintings, and if the mod will be uploaded on Pilsbierbude.
    Sorry for my English

    New in Version 1.21:
    -deleted many unused files
    -updated the model (small bugfixing)
    -supports Windows 7

    New in Version 1.2:
    -updated the physics (tyres)
    -updated the tex (sidepods and tyres)
    -improved the seat position
    -updated the menu icon
    -updated the exhaust position

    New in Version 1.1:
    -updated the physics (Engine and gear ratio)
    -updated the showroom
    -updated the tex (Seat and Nose)

    New in Version 1.0:
    -updated the helmet
    -updated the driver suit
    -updated the fuel tank (Deleted second fuel tank)
    -Updated the .Car and some other team files.

    New in Version 0.9:
    -Updated the Physics
    -only real team
    -updated the specifications
    -new front bumper

    New in Version 0.8:
    -Edited the Reflections of the Cubemap
    -New team "Mach Zenkai" by Alfa147_sele / M Harada
    -Deleted some unused files in .GTR files
    -Reworked Helmet and Driverbody, so that there can be different skins
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