Laguna Seca v1.2

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  • Laguna Seca v1.2
    Laguna Seca V1.2, a TRD Conversion by *Com8* (29.04.2009)

    changes to v1.1:

    - updated curbs (new modeled and remapped) to 2008 spec
    - remapped track surface
    - retextured many parts of the track (infield/outside etc.)
    - new modeled buildings
    - new trackcams by Thorsten Rueter
    - added ALMS version with nightlights and adboards
    - custom skies for daylight by 6e66o
    - added ambient sounds
    - fixed flickering ads on bridges by remapping
    - fixed tree popup on hill
    - smoothened tree materials
    - reworked sandtraps and gravelpits


    - Codemasters for the original trackbase
    - SLN and the Loneley for great textures and models
    - VLM for flying objects (your biggest fan!)
    - 6e66o for keeping me updated with track textures
    - Thorsten Rueter from the Pits for GP trackcams
    - Mr. DutchDevil for AIW and marshalls
    - Luigi for ALMS 2008 cams
    - derDumeklemmer for support
    - community members supporting me through all those years
    - my girlfriend who is the greatest person on this planet

    cheers, *Com8*

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