Sepang für GTR-Evo

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  • This is a conversion to RACE07.Evo made by Piquet allowed by DutchDevil.
    All the thanks goes to him (GTR2 Version), TTTTT (rFactor version)
    and many others guys who worked hard on this outstanding track.

    Please check the Sepang Original Readme.

    Thanks for permission D.D.

    Version 2.0

    - Texture Update by 6e66o.

    - New camera file by Holger.

    - New LOD file by FrankyBB.

    - Fixed the fuel consumption to fit Race07.Evo.

    - Small .TRK adjustments.

    Also Thanks to:

    - Greaven for testing and screenshots.

    OBS: The track name was changed. (Sepang 05 -> Sepang).

    Version 1.2

    Thanks to:

    - Simracer for Malaysia Flag.

    - Daviking for his iniciative and organization.

    - LOD by FrankyBB

    Install INFO.

    copy the Gamedata and UIData in the following directory:

    Offline Version:
    X:\Program Files\RACE 07 Offline

    Steam Version:
    X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\race 07

    Dedicated Server:
    X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\race07ds

    Converted to Race07.Evo by Danny "Piquet"

    1.858 mal gelesen