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  • README: GT Legends 1.1 Update


    Run the setup executable file and follow the instructions on screen.

    Changes in this Update

    1. Fix for intermittent missing car shadows in MP.
    2. Fix for slow loading game clients missing race starts in MP.
    3. Fix non-scrolling client grid list.
    4. Fix for missing wheels in dedicated server replays.
    5. Fix for intermittent invisible cars with shadows.
    6. Fix for MP lobby sort crashes/hangs.
    7. Dedicated server now supports a maximum of 36 cars.
    8. Alt-tab stability improvements.
    9. Various localisation fixes.
    10. Loss of client connection to lobby no longer causes immediate disconnect from game server.
    11. Fix for inverted mirrors in Ford Escort.
    12. Various car model/paint improvements.
    13. Fix for Spa corner cutting problems.
    14. Fix for Imola and Magny-Cours locked garage door in MP.
    15. Improve braking marker visibility at Anderstorp.
    16. Fix for incorrect lap records in MP.
    17. Fix for missing opponent laptimes when joining MP qualifying session.
    18. Cup system unlockable track fixes.
    19. Fix for missing brake markers at Imola and Zolder under lower detail level settings.
    20. Fix for two cars sharing one garage at Donington.
    21. Shadows optimised.
    22. Fix for dedicated server intermittently failing to connect to the lobby over slow connections.
    23. "Low" shadows option now shows ambient car shadow.
    24. Fix for missing Mercedes 300SL external idle sounds.
    25. Left Alt + F key manually resets force feedback.
    26. Lobby password now gets saved between sessions.
    27. Race length now shown in MP monitor screen.
    28. Fix for badly mapped spectator cars at Zolder.
    29. Fix for lobby lap sorting done alphabetically bug.
    30. Automatic startup option (+auto) added to dedicated server.
    31. Results file now includes car number.
    32. Fix for premature brake failure with some cars.
    33. F12 screenshots saved as TGA, not JPG.
    34. Fix for duplicate screen grabs in replay mode.
    35. Fix for best lap times from prac/qual appearing in race statistics.

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